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سایت نیروگاه 

Ramin Power Plant is a natural gas-fired plant which is located in southwest region in Iran. This is a thermal power plant situated in 20km northeast of Ahvaz on the right bank of Karoon River with total producing 1850 MW of electricity.


Thanks to situating in hot climate, growing population and turning to be an industrial country, power demand was increasing. Therefore, this project is one of the important parts of plant installation that the government has been built.


As a result of quickly becoming an industrial country, the demand for power is rapidly growing especially in summer months. Therefore, Ramin Power Plant has been built to meet increasing demand in Khoozestan Province and southwest region which accounts for 5% of the total industrial energy consumption in Iran. While its capacity brings total electricity of 45% into southwest region.


Spread over an area of 156 hectares, the plant contains 6 traditional thermal units that the main fuel for all units is natural gas but fuel-oil is used when needed.


The contract of the commissioning the plant first 2 units was signed between Iran Power Generation Transmission, Distribution Company and Techno prom Export Company in 1974. Construction of the plant began in 1975; one year after the contract was signed on the mainland of 165 hectares in northeast of Ahvaz, center of Khoozestan Province.

Main contractors were required to use local suppliers as possible as they can. Now the units are installed and operated by Iranian personnel.


Unit construction


A long-term contract to establish Ramin Power Plant and operate 4 gas-fired units was awarded to Techno prom Export Company in corporation with Iran Power Generation Transmission Company in 1974.  The contract consisted of commissioning the plant in 2 phases. Each phase contained 2 units.


The initial unit was built between 1975-1979 involving Administrative Department, roads and technical equipments on an area of 156 hectares, 20 km northeast of Ahvaz with capacity producing of 315 MW electricity.


The original unit was extended by the building unit 2 as generating capacity as unit 1 which came into line in September 1983.


Plant expansion


As a result of becoming an industrial country, the demand for power multiplied.


Consequently, to meet the increasing demand, phase 3 contract were signed and supported by Techno prom Export in order that unit 3 and 4 could be put into operation.


To provide large electricity supply, between 1998 to 1999 another project was started. Unit 5 and 6 were designed, manufactured and installed to provide a massive electricity to network grid, with added total producing of 620 MW.


When completed, Ramin Power Plant was the largest thermal plant to be built including 6 gas-fired units with total capacity of generating 1850 MW electricity in Iran as a complete plant at a time.